NRST Parent Guide

Blue & Gold Night

Here is a bit more information about Blue and Gold night and what happens!

This is a chance for Stage 1, 2, 3, Green and Blue group swimmers (and us parents!) to see and experience how a swim meet runs. It is also a chance for you to see your child’s successes! For our older swimmers, it is an opportunity to learn how to set up, time and organize a swim meet.

The event starts at 4pm, so come a little before that!  Pack a couple of towels, or even a housecoat as the swimmers have to wait in between swims.  Wearing a pair of flip flops or Crocs helps to keep them warmer, too.  Feel free to send a water bottle and some snacks for your swimmer to eat over the two hours.  When you arrive, bring your swimmer and their gear to the bleachers by the office under the “HOME OF THE NANAIMO RIPTIDES” sign.  Find your stage flag.

The coaches will assign your swimmer a Heat and Lane number, and will write the info on your swimmer’s hand so they don’t forget!  Heats are the groups the swimmers swim in.  Lane numbers are #1-8, with Lane 1 being in front of the office.  If you forget, the lane numbers are on the blocks (the things the kids jump off at the start of a race, by the diving boards).  Each of the Stage 1 and 2 swimmers will swim with a big buddy who brings along a kick board in case your child needs a break!  Most swimmers do not need it, but the kick board is there if they want it!  Swimmers can also wear a life jacket if they want to!

Parents are asked to sit on the opposite bleachers and cheer from there!  Our older Yellow, Bronze and up swimmers will help the Stage 1-3 swimmers figure out when and where to go, as well as do all the timing!  The swimmers will go in this order:
Stage 1, 2, 3, Green kick
Stage 1, 2, 3, Green, Blue freestyle
Stage 1, 2, 3, Green, Blue backstroke
Blue choice swim (see below)

We have all the swimmers do their length of kick first, then their freestyle swim, their backstroke and finally Blue group does their free choice swim.  For example, if you have a Stage 1 swimmer, they will be in one of the first heats, then go back to the bleachers and wait until all the rest of the levels swim that same stroke.  Then your Stage 1 swimmer will do their freestyle swim, go back to the bleachers, watch the rest of the kids swim their freestyle, and finally your Stage 1 swimmer will complete their backstroke.  At the end of the Stage 1 and 2 swimmer’s backstroke, the Stage 1 and 2 swimmers will go with their buddies to the wave pool to work on some skills.  This lets the little ones warm up and gives them something to do!  Once Stage 3, Green and Blue swimmers have completed their final swims, big buddies will bring the Stage 1 and 2 swimmers to their parents on the bleachers.

The distances of the swims are different depending on the level of the swimmer.
Stage 1 and 2 do 25m kick, 25m freestyle, and 25m backstroke, (one length of each)
Stage 3 does 50m kick, 50m, freestyle, and 50m backstroke, (two lengths of each)
Green and Blue will do 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke
Blue will do a third swim, choosing one of: 100m breaststroke, 200m freestyle or 200m Medley (which is 50m butterfly, 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 50m freestyle).

That is how the Blue and Gold event should go!  The number of heats is dependent upon the number of swimmers that come.

​​​​​​​Tanya Evans, Blue and Gold Night Coordinator